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Ai Prompt Guide- SnowGlobes- DALLE-3

Ai Prompt Guide- SnowGlobes- DALLE-3

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African-American Woman | Snow Globes

• 16 unique and exclusive art prompts designed to ignite your creativity.
• PDF format document for easy access and printing.
• Compatible with Dall-E3 and ChatGPTv4 for seamless generation of stunning artwork.

💫 Benefits:
• Stand out from the competition by offering one-of-a-kind art created with cutting-edge AI technology.
• Boost your Etsy shop's visibility and attract customers with beautiful and unique artwork.
• Get a head start on Black Friday promotions with holiday-themed art that captures the season's spirit.
• Step-by-step instructions included to help new users navigate Dall-E3 and ChatGPTv4 effortlessly.
• Personal use rights allow you to create and sell artwork generated from the prompts.

❓ FAQs ❓
Q1: Can I use these prompts to create art that I can sell for commercial purposes?
A1: Absolutely! You can create and sell artwork generated from these prompts in your Etsy shop or other platforms.

Q2: Can I share or resell the prompt guide?
A2: The prompt guide is for personal use only and cannot be shared, resold, or given away. However, the artwork you create using the prompts can be sold.

Q3: Can I use MidJourney with these prompts?
A3: No, these prompts are designed explicitly for use with Dall-E3 and ChatGPTv4. They may not render as shown using MidJourney.

Q4: Can I customize the prompts or use them as inspiration for my ideas?
A4: Absolutely! Feel free to use these prompts as a starting point and let your creativity take over. Customize, modify, and bring your unique artistic vision to life.

🎁 Customers Who Can Benefit from this Product
1️⃣ Etsy Shop Owners looking to offer unique and captivating artwork to their customers.
2️⃣ Artists seeking inspiration and a new creative outlet.
3️⃣ Beginners interested in exploring AI-generated art and expanding their artistic skills.
4️⃣ Gift shoppers searching for a special and memorable present for art enthusiasts.
5️⃣ Holiday enthusiasts wanting to decorate their homes with exclusive and festive artwork.

💰 5 Ways to Monetize the Digital Product 💰
1️⃣ Sell prints of the artwork generated from the prompts in your Etsy shop or online marketplace.
2️⃣ Offer personalized commissions based on the prompts to create custom artwork for customers.
3️⃣ Create art bundles or collections inspired by different prompt themes for a higher price point.
4️⃣ Collaborate with other artists or designers to create unique merchandise featuring the AI-generated artwork.
5️⃣ Host virtual art workshops or courses using the prompts as a starting point to teach others the art of AI-generated creativity.
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