Mommy Time

Mommy Time

As a mom, we feel tired and overwhelmed at times. We long for a few moments to sit and relax. We really do love and adore our children, but sometimes we feel worn out, weary and alone. 

Its hard and whoever said that being a Mom was easy...I have loads of questions to ask then. I am learning as a mom of 3, a wife, an entrepreneur that I have to figure out some type of balance with each role. Honestly I have yet to find that balance. 

I am learning, I am not alone. God is beside me and will help me through it all. I have family as well to help along the way but its not easy when we all live in separate states or cities. Reaching out to God is the best advice I could give myself and you if you are dealing with the same. I pray to God every morning when I wake up. I ask him to be my cup of tea (caffeine).

God will lift you up when you are down. He will give you energy when you need strength. God will recharge you more than any energy drink or coffee ever will.

In you spare time read Isaiah 40. 

Stay Covered and Blessed,


 PS, enjoy this free gift and unwind,

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